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When thinking of an escort, the image of a stunning, seductive woman usually comes to mind. However, escort services are offered by both men and women, and male escorts offer a unique appeal. They are often used by women who want a brief and exciting fling, as well as men who want to indulge their temptations.

What Are They?

Male escorts are men who offer themselves to others for a price. They are commonly known as gigolos, gay-for-pay, hustlers, or a variety of other terms. Male escorts are essentially hired for their companionship. Whether this results in sex or simply an intimate outing depends on the particular client and escort. These escorts can find work through employment in a larger escort service or they can be entrepreneurial and seek out clients independently.

What Do They Do?

Naturally, sex is one of the primary uses of a male escort. While euphemisms like offering massage or modelling may be used in places where prostitution is illegal, escorts are most often sought after for a night of erotic pleasure without commitment. Male escorts are employed for women and men alike, and many of these escorts are happy to have sex with either.

However, sex is not the only service offered. Some individuals seek a “boyfriend” type experience, where the escort pampers the client and treats them with affection. Some clients also use male escorts for simple cuddling and kissing. They are a viable option for people who have disabilities who need a sexual encounter or simply enjoy some intimate contact, as it can be hard for these individuals to find a willing person normally.

As well, male escorts are usually able to set their own limits. While some may tolerate or enjoy spanking, bondage, and the use of bodily fluids, others may not.

How Much Do They Make?

It’s difficult to say precisely how much a male escort will be able to earn. This is because it truly depends on the escort, his clientele, his services, and his location. In larger cities, some male escorts have reportedly made over $5000 per night. A talented escort with a large clientele could be expected to make over $500,000 annually, although this is at the highest end of escort earnings.

The amount that an escort is able to earn will depend on several factors. Obviously, the escort’s appearance and ability to provide sexual and emotional satisfaction are vital. However, marketing skills and offering VIP programs can boost an escort’s income. A willingness to engage in unconventional sex and satisfy taboo urges can also open up a wider range of customers.


Male escorts can offer discrete and exciting satisfaction for both men and women. Having a steamy night of touching, kissing, and penetration with a person who has no baggage or expectations is extremely attractive.

A hard-working and talented male escort can make a very good living. For men who truly enjoy satisfying a variety of people and their desires, being a male escort may be a fulfilling career. From sex to simply being arm candy, there are very few intimate needs that cannot be satisfied by a male escort.

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